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Make Turkish Coffee At Home

Make Turkish Coffee At Home

Foamy Turkish Coffee Recipe at Home

If you have tasted Turkish coffee once, you will never forget that taste. In our article, we want to tell you how to prepare Turkish coffee at home, besides, we want to talk about the story of Turkish coffee and Turkish coffee varieties.

The Story of Turkish Coffee

Researchers state that coffee spread all over the world from Abyssinia at the beginning of the 14th century, and its origin is the Kaffa region in Southern Abyssinia, which has a similar name with its emitology.

Ozdemir Pasha, one of the Mamluk Circassians, the father of the Grand Vizier Özdemiroğlu Osman Pasha, the governor of Yemen in the Ottoman Empire, brought coffee to Istanbul, where he admired its taste. With the new preparation method, coffee was cooked in pots and coffee pots and took the name Turkish coffee. Starting from Tahtakale and spreading to the city, coffees made it popular among the people.

turkish coffee in ottoman

The beverage, which was obtained by boiling the coffee fruit in the Arabian Peninsula, gained its original taste with this brand new preparation and cooking method.

Europe, which met coffee thanks to the Turks; For many years, he prepared and consumed coffee as Turkish coffee with this method.

Turkish Coffee originating from Brazil and Central America, blended from Arabian type, high quality coffee beans and roasted slowly and meticulously, preferably over coal fire, is ground very finely. It is cooked by adding water and optional sugar with the help of a coffee pot. Two teaspoons of coffee are thrown into a cup of coffee. It is served in small cups. Before drinking, it is waited for a short time for the grounds to settle to the bottom.

Water served alongside Turkish coffee is not at the end of the coffee as it is thought; It is drunk before coffee. It is also the most consumed type of coffee with espresso all over the world, which is one of the two coffees on the menu of almost every type of restaurant around the world.

Turkish Coffee Recipe ?

To make Turkish coffee, the coffee beans must be ground like a very fine powder. Most electric grinders cannot grind coffee that fine.

The Story of Turkish Coffee

Make Turkish Coffee At Home Method 1

  1. Put a cup of water for each cup of coffee in the coffee pot and put 1 teaspoon of coffee and 1 teaspoon of sugar for each cup of coffee.
  2.  Mix well, place the cezve on low heat.
  3. Never stir after insertion and bring slowly to boiling point.
  4. When it starts to boil, distribute the foam formed on the top into the cups.
  5. Boil again and distribute the remainder into the cups.

preparing Turkish coffee with a cezve

Make Turkish Coffee At Home Method 2

  1. First of all, the material of the foamy Turkish coffee is important. Yes, as everyone knows, the trio of water, coffee and sugar is cooked. It is on fire, but the details of this job are not that simple.
  2. First of all, ice-cold water should be removed from the refrigerator.
  3. If the coffee is made with hot or warm water, the foam you will get will fill up to two cups. Even the second is forced.
  4. Now let’s get to the other quantities:

We put two teaspoons of coffee and one teaspoon of sugar per person and start cooking our coffee on low heat. It is an important detail in low fire. In the meantime, the coffee pot taken from the fire during full boiling is not started to be poured directly into the cups.

The foam formed at the top of the coffee pot with a spoon is shared equally among all the cups, and then the coffee is poured until the cup is half full.

The remaining coffee after two transports is filled into the cups.

What should you pay attention to to make plenty of foamy coffee?

  • If you have the time and patience, roast and grind the coffee beans yourself. Freshly roasted and ground coffee always gives more successful results. Because coffee oils will be in a much better condition compared to waiting coffee. Since the roasting part is a little troublesome, you can just grind it. With a simple hand grinder, you can easily grind your coffee in a very short time.
  • If you’re going to buy pre-roasted ground coffee, get a freshly dated product from a good brand. Do not use a damp spoon when taking coffee. Close your coffee can tightly. Do not use coffee that has been waiting for a long time.
  • Be sure to use clean and cold drinking water. If you use tap water, the chlorine in that water will spoil the taste of your coffee.
  • Do not heat and re-consume the coffee that has been waiting. In a maximum of half an hour, coffee will have lost all its beautiful properties…

Different Turkish coffee recipes you can try;

  • You will love it when you try Turkish coffee with chocolate, which chocolate addicts will love.
  • Another way to make your coffee foamy is to add soda to it. You can try Turkish coffee with soda that you can easily make.
  • If you are looking for a soft taste in coffee, the best option for you will be Turkish coffee with milk.
  • You should try Turkish coffee with cinnamon, which will also help you lose weight, as soon as possible.

Tips on how to make foamy Turkish coffee?

Having cold water is one of the tricks for frothing coffee. If you mix your coffee, sugar and water for about 35 seconds before putting your coffee pot on the stove, you will get a softer and more delicious consistency. Then put the cezve on the stove and mix gently until the coffee is cooked.

How many calories in Turkish coffee?

A small cup of Turkish coffee is equivalent to approximately 7 calories. However, this measure is relative to plain coffee. Calories will vary depending on the amount of sugar.

Different Uses of Coffee

1. Turkish coffee is more than just a drink that accompanies conversations… Coffee grounds are perfect for removing bad odors. You can change the air in the refrigerator by putting it in a jar in the refrigerator, and you can get rid of the fishy smell by rubbing your hands with coffee grounds before washing them.

2. You can “peel” the skin by rubbing with grainy grounds, and you can get help from coffee in getting rid of cellulite.

3. Ground coffee can be considered as a useful nutrient for many plants.

Turkish coffee varieties

4. Again, coffee grounds can be used in hair care. You can see the difference when you apply coffee grounds mixed with water to the washed hair and wait for 20 minutes and then rinse.

5. Dried coffee grounds keep ants away. Coffee beans combined with lemon or orange zest prevent cats from approaching. Coffee grounds, which are applied to the skin of animals in a slightly wet way, protect their pets against fleas.

6. Ground coffee mixed with water and soap can be used as a surface cleaner in kitchens.

7. Coffee grounds can also be used to care for wooden surfaces. It is enough to rub the wood with grounds.

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