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Hello valued visitors. If you want to share your recipes and cooking experiences with a growing community, you can write to us through this section.

Things to know about sharing:

  • Your recipes will be reviewed by the site administrators before they are published. Therefore, please be patient after sending your recipes.
  • While writing your recipes, it may appear as if you are writing in all capital letters. Don’t worry, they will be formatted properly by us.
  • Please avoid sending trial submissions with only the title and a few words. All of your recipes will be received and considered.
  • Once your recipe is approved, you will receive a message saying, “Your recipe has been successfully received. If it is deemed suitable for our site after review, it will be published soon.”
  • Let’s try to adhere to spelling and grammar rules as much as possible in your recipes.
  • Excessively inappropriate content will not be published on this site. Such content will be immediately deleted. Your recipes with advertising content will also be directly deleted.
  • Try not to make your recipes too short or too long.
  • Our request is that you keep sending us new recipes without giving up.
  • If necessary, we may make minor changes to your recipes, but we will never change the main content of your writing. (Usually, we correct minor spelling mistakes and words or sentences that are not suitable for publication on the site).
    By sending your recipes, you are deemed to have accepted all our terms and conditions.”

We look forward to receiving your wonderful recipes and sharing them with our community!

Best regards,
Turkish Cuisine Dishes Team

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You can send your images about your recipes to our contact@turkishdishes.net address with your recipe name.

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