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About Us

About Us, turkishdishes.net, in order to bring you exclusive, delicious and easy recipes from Turkish cuisine, we help our guests, especially those who have come to Turkey and enjoy Turkish food, to prepare their favorite Turkish dishes easily in their country and at home, with the same taste.

Those who enter the kitchen to make their loved ones happy, those who are proud of themselves when they see that the food they prepare is delicious even if they are alone, those who want to share information that allows them to explore the kitchen more, those who share their recipes to spare more time for themselves when necessary, those who share the difficulties of daily life while cooking. The site of those who forget at once and those who take absolute pleasure from all of them…

You can share your local and traditional recipes and add them to your recipe book by becoming a member of turkishdishes.net, you can reach them with a single touch whenever you want, moreover, you can share your wonderful recipes with us and have them published on turkishdishes.net with your name. If you have a recipe, you can let us know.

In addition, you can add to your favorites place suggestions, educational, inspiring contents, recipe lists that you say “I must go”, follow the authors you like, rate the recipes and leave comments.

With tens of thousands of recipes, tens of which are added every day, there is room on our table for everyone who enjoys cooking and eating.

Goodbye, welcome!


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