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9 Useful Uses of Apple Peels

9 Uses of Apple Peels Full of Benefit and Flavor

9 Useful Uses of Apple Peels

Red, green, yellow… Those who think that they can’t make enough use of the skin of the apple, one of the most popular fruits in every color and form, gather together! Today 9 Useful Uses of Apple Peels we’re going to evaluate its vitamin-packed shells in ways you may have never known before, are you ready?

We hear the word “Vitamin in the peel”, which we have heard from our elders since our childhood, and we love to eat the apples that we wash and clean well, with their peels, but sometimes we need to peel those apples. For example, when we need to prepare baby food or when we want to evaluate it in different recipes.

At those moments, you can think of the uses of apple peel, which we have explained one by one, and those who say, “How can I use apple peels, I do not want to throw them away” can apply one or more of the options below.

Good luck to your hands and hard work.

You can prepare expectorant homemade cough syrups with apple peels

You can prepare expectorant homemade cough syrups with apple peels

If you suffer from both phlegm and never-ending coughing attacks, apple peels are ready to help. However, different plants that should accompany it are also involved this time. Hibiscus, quince peels and cinnamon sticks.

Throw a pinch of hibiscus flowers, which you can easily find from herbalists, into the pot, add apple and quince peels and cinnamon sticks. If you want to catch a different flavor, you can add a few slices of orange or lemon peel. Cook this mixture by adding 2-3 glasses of water to it, warm it slightly and drink it with pleasure. When you drink it once a day, you will notice that it acts like a homemade natural cough syrup, and you will see that you get rid of sputum in a few applications. If you want to sweeten it, you can add 1 teaspoon of honey after it is warmed up.

You can turn Apple Peels into yummy snack chips

You can turn Apple Peels into yummy snack chips

You can prepare such crispy and sweet chips with the whole apples or with the skins left on your hand. When you double its flavor with honey and cinnamon, we are sure that it will appeal to the taste of both children and guests of all ages. It will perhaps be the sweetest of healthy snacks.

You can use it as an edible ornament in your presentations

It’s like a flower, a rose shape, which is easily intertwined by cutting apple peels into oriental shapes. Thanks to this shape, you can use it as an edible decoration for your salads, desserts or different meals, and you can prepare cute presentations. For longer-lasting use, consider baking and drying the apple peels and then using them as ornaments, your choice.

You can make homemade cleaners that remove stubborn stains from apple peels

You can make homemade cleaners that remove stubborn stains from apple peels.

One of the easiest and most effective ways to evaluate apple peels is dish cleaning. Rub your pots and pans with burnt bottoms and stubborn stains on them with fresh apple peels. With the effect of the acids in the apple peel, it will soften the stains in a short time. In the same way, you can clean areas such as the stove and kitchen countertops by rubbing them with apple peel. However, after rubbing and cleaning, you should not neglect to clean it well with clear water so that the stains are completely gone and the acid from the apple peel does not leave any traces, we tell you.

You can prevent bad odor by adding apple peel while cooking dishes such as cabbage

You can prevent bad odor by adding apple peel while cooking dishes such as cabbage.

You can get support from apple peels for vegetables such as broccoli and cauliflower, the smell of which makes you unhappy when boiling, especially cabbage. For this, all you have to do is throw a few pieces of apple peel with vegetables into the boiling water. We are sure that you will always want to use this method when you see how much its smell has decreased.

You can use apple peels to make herbal tea

You can use apple peels to make herbal tea.

One of the most delicious ways to benefit from the healing and flavor of apple peels is to use them in making herbal tea. If you have a lot of apple peels on hand, you can put these peels in a pot and add water, add 1-2 pieces of cinnamon sticks and boil it, after straining it, you can mix it with honey and drink it with pleasure.

If you have a small amount of apple peel, you can add a different flavor to other teas such as linden, green tea, or even black tea. Enjoy your meal.

You can prepare fragrant room perfumes with your Apple Peels

Just like in herbal tea, but this time you can prepare natural room perfumes without adding sweeteners such as honey or sugar. Take the apple peels and cinnamon sticks in a saucepan, add plenty of water this time and bring to a boil. When it starts to smell faint, set it aside and let it sit. Once at room temperature, strain and transfer to a clean spray bottle. Refresh the environment by using it whenever you want in your kitchen where you think there is a bad smell. If you do not like the smell of cinnamon, you can also use cloves instead of cinnamon, keep in mind.

You can use apple peels in skin care, you can make it good for under-eye bruises

Apple peels contain as much antioxidants as the apple itself. Therefore, it is beneficial to use it externally in skin care, apart from food. Especially if you like to get support from natural products for your skin care, and if you have fresh apple peels at hand, it will be enough to put them directly on your clean skin free from make-up and dirt and wait for about 30 minutes.

While the antioxidants of the apple help your skin to be cleaned and radiant, it also helps to reduce these problems, especially for those who have dark circles and dark circles under the eyes. However, after removing the apple peels from your skin, you should not forget to rinse your face well and moisturize with the moisturizer you always use.

You can prepare different masks from apple peels

If you want to prepare skin masks that can be more effective by combining the antioxidant effect of apple peels with other ingredients that are beneficial for your skin, we can take you like this. If you can, grate the apples and peel the skins off, if you have already put the peels in a blender. Then add 1 teaspoon of honey, 1 full teaspoon of cream and pass all the ingredients through the blender to get a puree consistency. Then apply this mask on your clean skin and wait for 30 minutes. Then rinse well, without rubbing too much, and apply your moisturizer. By doing this application twice a week, you can make your skin moisturized, cleaner and brighter.

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