The Story of Turkish Delight

The Story of Turkish Delight

The Story of Turkish Delight, whose fame spread all over the world

The Story You Will Read Soon is the story of Turkish delight, the story of the Taste Journey in History.

Known and loved by almost all over the world as Turkish delight, Turkish delight is one of our most special flavors that has survived for years with its deep-rooted history and soft texture.

We can make it with a variety of ingredients, from rose-scented Turkish delight to pistachio, from bird delight to double-roasted, and we can make differences in shape and preparation. How well do you think we know Turkish delight, indispensable for our holidays?

When you learn what he has been through throughout history, you will be surprised once again and say, “Well, we can still find it everywhere, we can even make it at home, we are happy that we can live to the fullest.” ”

Let’s find out together what happened to Turkish delight from past to present.

The story of the soft Turkish delight with its deep-rooted past

Türk Lokumu Hikayesi
The Story of Turkish Delight

Let’s start by learning where Turkish delight got its name before learning what it has been through throughout history, let’s start with the delicious secret of being in one shot. It is thought that the Turkish delight, which is called “rahat-ul hulküm” in Arabic and is thought to get its name from the word meaning “throat relief”, is thought to take its name from the words “lukme”, “lokma”. that is, “a piece of food thrown into the mouth at once” in Arabic and Persian.

The taste of Turkish Delight is noticed

When we look at its past, it is possible to see that there are many rumors about Turkish delight. For example, it is among the most told stories that it was built in Anatolia since the 15th century. However, since there are different stories about this world-famous taste, some believe that Turkish delight first appeared in Anatolia in the 18th century.

According to this story, towards the end of the 18th century, the sultan of the period, Abdülhamit, wanted soft candy instead of hard candy, and a competition was held. As a result of the competition, Ali Muhiddin Hacı Bekir is selected as the winner and the soft candies from their hands, namely the Turkish delight that we eat with pleasure today, take their place in the palace kitchen. Thanks to Ali Muhiddin Hacı Bekir, the flavor that was produced in abundance at that time and offered to the public became more and more popular and the fame of Turkish delight was transferred to Europe. “How is she?” Thanks to an English traveler if you wish.

Turkish Delight Opens to the World

While Turkish delight continued to be loved by the public and in the palace in the 19th century, an English traveler also loves the taste of Turkish delight during his visit and takes a lot of Turkish delight with him just before his return journey. When soft Turkish delights that went with him to Europe became very popular there, many travelers like him began to visit them to taste Turkish delight, and they do not neglect to take a lot of Turkish delight with them on their way back to their countries. . As such, the reputation of Turkish delight is increasing day by day and this flavor is becoming a well-known flavor in Europe. Its name is beginning to be known as “Turkish delight” as it is known in many parts of the world today.

Türk Lokumu Hikayesi
The Story of Turkish Delight

At that time, adding consistency to Turkish delights, which mainly used water, starch, honey or molasses, was considered a skillful skill. For this reason, those who make their Turkish delight with a pleasant consistency are appreciated, and over time, granulated sugar is used instead of honey or molasses in the production of Turkish delight. So much so that water, starch and sugar are described as basic ingredients in the “rahatü’l hulkum” recipe in “Melceü’t – Tahahhin”, a cookbook published in 1844.

What Ingredients Are Used to Make the Best Turkish Delight?

In addition, in order to add different flavors to plain Turkish delights, different ingredients such as rose water and lemon juice are added after a nice consistency is obtained with these 3 ingredients. Over time, nuts such as hazelnuts and pistachios begin to take their place in Turkish delight, and thus, different flavors that can appeal to every palate are caught. At this point, the important thing is to add additional ingredients after the Turkish delight thickens. The powdered sugar on it is used to prevent the Turkish delight particles from sticking to each other. Although the recipe for Turkish delight changes over time, it continues to be one of the most faithfully prepared foods.

Speaking of so many Turkish delights, it is impossible to mention a variety that you can try at home. Although we love to eat the original from the hand of the master, if you want to taste a similar Turkish delight at home, take a look at our recipe now.

Turkish Delight “Sultan Turkish Delight” Recipe

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